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About Us: As a youth I was taught Black History from the white man's point of view. The historian's were white men, white historian's remembered white heroes. Some white historian's have purposely taken the black man out of history. It's important that we know the truth and know where we came from: Africa. There weren't any African American heroes of the past for me to look up to (except runaway slaves). That just didn't seem true to me, so I began doing research on our real history.  It's out there if you want to find it, THE TRUTH and I found some fascinating and unknown facts about  Us  Remember! A PERSON WITH NO PAST (History) HAS NO FUTURE. What we want to do is look through history theory and truthfully from all perspectives, and find the truth. History is a cycle, five thousand years ago the black men ruled the world while EUROPEAN'S were in the stone age. If you know your history you'll see things are starting to turn again, the cycle is changing again. Only the truth will set us all free, no matter what. Good or bad as a people (A Great People) we must embrace it (US) our history.      The Story of Us                                                     Check out Links Below             


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