Queen Hatshepsut: first women pharaoh  ancient Egyptian history ruled  1478 B.C. -1457 B.C.                     (Menu Link )

Hatshepsut was the daughter of Pharaoh Tuthmosis I, she was also the wife of Pharaoh Tuthmosis II. It was customary for royal brothers and sisters to marry each other in Egyptian culture to preserve the royal bloodlines and keep; the throne in the family. When Tuthmosis I died Tuthmosis II her brother became Pharaoh she married him and Hatshepsut became Queen: and Tuthmosis II had a son: Tuthmosis III . Tuthmosis II became Ill and died Leaving Tuthmosis III at 10 years old as Pharaoh of Egypt. Queen Hatshepsut ruled as regent for several years, then she decided to take direct power. She was the first women in Egyptian history to become pharaoh. Hatshepsut made Egypt richer by trading with many foreign nations : she also strengthened her army and conquer her enemies. History tells us that the great Pharaoh (Hatshepsut) sometimes led her army into battle.      (put pointer on picture)

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