The famous boy King; King Tut 1361 B.C. -1351 B.C.     ( Menu Link)

King Tut is probably the most well known ruler in Egyptian history. Millions of people all over the world have seen the mask of his famous face made of gold, ebony and priceless Jewels. He ruled for only ten short years, from age 9 to 19. During much of his time a older person ruled in his name. King Tut was the Pharaoh that ruled after Pharaoh Akhenaton. The priest chose a regent to help him rule. King Tut was raised by Queen Nefertiti and her father Ay. After he became Pharaoh King Tut Married one of Queen Nefertiti's daughters    ( his half sister) . Like all Pharaoh's he spend most of his time in the temples. The pharaoh would take part in all the important religious ceremonies of the kingdom; so the gods would bless their land.                             (Put Pointer on Picture)                    (Menu Link)

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