King Mansa Musa I : was a devout Muslim who ruled the Mandingo empire of Mali  1312 -1337      (Menu Link)

The Kingdom of Mali was in Western Africa, along the banks of the Niger River. Hundreds of years ago, Mali was one of the richest Kingdoms in the world. Under Emperor Mansa Musa's  reign, Mali grew to be as large as western Europe. Emperor Mansa Musa  was a devout Muslim . The most colorful event of his reign was his famous pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324. The journey to Mecca is one of the five duties of members of the islamic faith. Thus , Mansa Musa can be credited with laying the foundation on which Islamic tradition would be established in West African. Mansa Musa made Timbuktu, the largest city in the Kingdom, a world famous center for Islamic studies. Mansa Musa was a strong and just leader. Mansa Musa I -was the riches human being to ever live, today Mansa would be worth over $400 billion dollars .    (put pointer on picture)        (Menu Link)

King Mansa Musa I

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