Pharaoh Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti Ruled Egypt from 1379 B.C.-1362 B.C.         (Menu Link) 

 An important part of Pharaoh Akhenaton life was his family . Akhenaton loved his beautiful wife Queen Nefertiti, and their six children very much. Pharaoh Akhenaton changed history. He challenged the power of the priests who had controlled Egypt's religion for thousands of years. He gave his people a new way to view the world. He showed the Egyptians the human side of the Pharaoh. Akhenaton, armed with courage and driven by strong beliefs, showed that being a human pharaoh did not mean being weak.  Queen Nefertiti was known to her people as ruler of the Nile, Daughter of the Gods, and Empress of the Mediterranean. She was influential in establishing what was perhaps the world's first monotheistic religion , the worship of the sun-god Aton.         (put pointer on picture)                (Menu link)

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