The legendary Queen of Sheba ; The beautiful Makeda love of King Solomon's life.       ( Menu Link) 

The Bible tells the story of a beautiful queen who travelled north from Africa to Isreal to meet King Solomon. In the Bible she is called Queen of Sheba . To her people this great  queen was known as Makeda. During her 6 month visit, King Solomon and the beautiful African queen fell in love. Makeda learned that she was going to have a child, she decided to return to her own country. Makeda gave birth to a son, his royal name was Menelik  . When Menelik was 22 years old  he went to Isreal to meet his father , king Solomon for the first time. Menelik  looked just like his father. King Solomon wanted him to stay and take over his Kingdom: but Menelik promise his mom Makeda he would return to rule the Kingdom of Ethiopia. King Solomon sadly send his son home to begin a new Kingdom.                                     (put pointer on picture)              (Menu Link)

Love of King Solomon

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