Warrior King Sunni Ali Ber: ruled the Kingdom of Songhay for twenty-eight years 1464-1492       ( Menu Link)

The great cities of the Mali empire remained powerful under Sunni Ali Ber. Warrior King Sunni Ali Ber dream was to create a kingdom that stretched across the entire width of Africa. He achieved much of his dream by building one of the largest and wealthiest empires in history. Though he spent his lifetime making war, he was never defeated in battle. Like the great Mansa Musa of Mali, Sunni Ali Ber had a huge and well organized army and government. In time of need and guidance he reached out to his faith (His God) . He knew of a higher power greater than himself. For that all black people should be pleased and proud.                             Put pointer on picture)         Menu Link  Home Page Link
Warrior king Sunni Ali Ber