Shaka Warrior-king of the Zulu implemented a new military system ruled 1813-1829                                        (To Menu)

"Shaka ; king of the Zulu's" was one of the fiercest fighters of all time. Shaka began his rule with violence. Shaka murderd his half -brother and took the Kingdom away from him.  Shaka build a huge army that would help him rule, he found his warriors for his army in many parts of Africa. The Warrior King took the best warriors for his army from the tribes he conquered. He gave these warriors positions of honor in  his army. Shaka said that it was his goal to rule all of Africa. Shaka created a strong Zulu Kingdom that kept the European invaders from entering the Zulu territory. Shaka's life ended in the same violences that begun his reign: at 42 years of age Shaka was murdered by his half- brother and he took over the Zulu kingdom. ( Shaka lived by the spear; and he died by the spear)                                                               (put pointer on picture)                (Menu Link)

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