Crispus Attucks-Hero-Patriot-Martyr for his Country (1723-1770)

As a young man Attucks was a slave, he was under the rule of his master. More than anything he wanted to be free. Unable to buy his freedom,  at the age of 19 Crispus ran away. Twenty years later Attucks was back in Boston working as a ropemaker for the ships in the harbor. He is described as being 6 foot two inches tall; short curly hair and an mountain of a man. The town people called him Mulatto because of his light skin and mix blood. This is what the war was about, the Colonists were angry about the taxes they were force to pay to England. King George sent a regiments of British soldiers to protect the men who collected taxes. The presence of redcoats. ( the name given British soldiers because oh their red coats.) Both sides American and British said hateful things to each other. On the evening of March, 5, 1770 a heavy snow covered Boston's streets. Protesters black and white gathered along King Street . A Redcoat shouted at the rowdy colonists, "Go home, rebels!" Snowballs hailed on the Redcoats, clubs and sticks swung through the air. A swift blow knock a soldier to the ground, Crispus push closer and let out a blood freezing war whoop. A line of bayonets were facing him, with one hand he grabbed a bayonet, with the other hand he clubbed a soldier. The Redcoats panicked and opened fire, when the smoke from the gunfire cleared  Attucks was dead and 5 others lay dead or dying. This was the start of the war for freedom and Independence, This was the Boston Massacre. Attucks was the first to die for Independence. FREEDOM!                                             
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Crispus Attucks Martyr