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Jacques Eliza Jean Captein holds a curious place in our history. Born in 1745, at the age of 8 he was bought by Dutch traders. The Dutch used Jacques as a experiment, he was used to prove if the African was capable of understanding the tenets of Christianity and hence, if the African had a sole to be saved.                                                                                                                                                               Home Page Link

Jacques Eliza Jean CapteinThe Dutch though slavery would be one method of "saving these heathens from hells fire. The Dutch began to educate Captein teaching him the rudiments of his native language and was startled at the brilliance of this young slave. Convince that they would profit even more from systematic training (brain washing). He had his own private teacher that  taught him to read and write, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Chaldean Languages. Now Captein was a young man and his patron made it possible for him to enter the University of Leyden where he earned a degree in theology and was a scholar. News of his proficiency and brilliance spread. Captein was misled to use his intellect in defense of the institution of slavery, arguing that slavery was good for fellow African's to save their immortal souls.(He was brain washed). With opportunity Captein showed the Dutch that African's were just as smart, or smarter than the European. Education was BANNED for slaves, if you taught a slave to read or write you would be hung. Captein showed the brilliance of the African with opportunity we can do anything. Education is the key.              (Please click underline link)                                                      Life in American                                        Life in American Link