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There were many black heroes of slavery. I am going to type about just two Slave heroes. The first will be the  great Harriet Tubman. Born in Maryland in the early

The Great Harriet Tubman1820s, Harriet escaped from slavery to  Pennsylvania in 1849. It was dangerous for anyone to help slaves as most states had severe penalties for aiding slaves. Strong as a man , brave as a lion, cunning as a fox was Harriet Tubman who, unable to read or write, Harriet made nineteen trips into the deep south and saved over 300 slaves, Harriet a medium sized women was the leading conductor of the Under Ground Rail Road which freed thousands of  nameless slaves that were led to the north to freedom. (they Called Her Black Moses of our race) Every possible trick was used by Harriet to free slaves. On several occasions when Harriet was leading runaway slaves to the North , slaves would be frighten for fear of the barking dogs on their trail, runaways would want to give up, Tubman would say to them (waving her gun )" keep going, you'll be free or dead" she quietly commanded. During the Civic War, Harriet Tubman served both as a nurse and a spy for the North. When she died in 1913 she was buried in Auburn, New York with Military Honors. Harriet Tubman, Patriot, Hero For Her People.  ( What a Women    )                                                                        (Put pointer on picture)                    (Please click underline Link)                                                                                                                                        Nat Turner Link