Austin Dabney Hero,   Patriot, Artilleryman

Austin Dabney, a slave on a Georgia plantation, if a slave owner did not want to serve as a soldier in the Revolutionary War he could send his slave in his place. Austin Dabney's master sent him in his place. Austin was one of the few blacks in the south allowed to man heavy guns. Most southern blacks were not allowed to bear arms of any kind. As a member of an artillery in Georgia Corps, Dabney fought under Colonel Elijah Clark. Austin fought in several battles against the British in the south, including  the battle at Cowpens, South Carolina, where almost the entire redcoat army was killed, wounded, or captured. Dabney  also fought at the battle of Kettle Creek, the hardest battle every fought in Georgia. Dabney was shot in the thigh during this heavy fighting. After the battle, the Governor of Georgia said no soldier under Clark's command was braver, or did better service during the Revolutionary War than Austin Dabney.  HERO PATRIOT     (First Black to be  given land for his service in the Revolutionary war.)    (put pointer on picture)                                                     ( Menu Link)

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