Edward Hector American Hero,  Patriot ,Wagoner 1744-1834

It was Edward Hector's job during the American Revolution to drive and protect the ammunition and supply wagons. He always did his best to bring  the supplies and horses unharmed through every battle. On September 11, 1777 at the battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania, Hector fought bravely. During the battle the order was given to abandon post. A few soldiers began to run, then hundreds fled in fear. In the mad rush for life Hector shouted, "never ! I'll save my horses or die myself."Ignoring the struggle around him, he gathered up muskets left on the battlefield. What seemed to be a miracle Ed and his horses escaped injury. Hector saved wagonloads of ammunition and guns. In a small town called Conshohocker, located northwest of Philadelphia, the people name a street after Edward, a street named Hector, in honor of Edward Hector's act of bravery beyond the call of duty in the American Revolutionary War.  Edward Hector Great American Patriot    (put pointer on picture)                         (Menu LinK)

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