Journey to the White House: The  Story of Us          

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The first contact that African's had with Europeans occurred in the year 1471 when Portuguese explorers came upon Africa. When Portuguese landed on the shores of Africa they were amazed with what they saw. The sand was mix with gold dust every where they looked, mountain laced with gold. Truly Prince Henry (The Navigator) had found the land of milk and honey, the land of the black man.  Fancied land with mountains of gold and Ivory; billions and billions of dollars worth of gold, ivory, and diamonds. The Portuguese named the area The Gold Coast, because its rich in gold (mountains of gold). The Moor's a friendly people who had never seen a white man before (and wish they never had). The Europeans were very friendly, they made peace and made arrangement's for trading goods. The initial Portuguese interest was Gold, Ivory, and pepper was what the Europeans wanted (at first) to trade for. Gold and Ivory was so plentiful it meant nothing for the African's to trade.  African's would trade for things they wanted or never had like silk, spices, brandy and other goods. Trade increased so much in 1482 the Portuguese build their first permanent trading post on the western coast of present-day Ghana. Prince Henry The NavigatorThis fortress, Elmina Castle, was constructed to protect the Portuguese trade from other Europeans who wanted African gold, and Ivory and hostile African's still stands today . In 1492 Columbus's found America, when he went ashore he meant the Indians who also never seen a white man before. Columbus knowing this intimidates the Indian's by predicting the lunar eclipse and telling the natives he's a Great White God, Columbus's  makes slaves out of Indian's in their own land. In 1515 Indian's began to break down and run away from harsh treatment (not suited for plantation work). African, where know as the biggest strongest people on the planet (used to hot climate) In 1517 first African slaves were imported to America. This expanded the demand for slaves in America, which soon over shadowed gold as the principal export from Africa, hence began the slave trade. More fortress were builded on the Gold Coast by the Dutch, Portuguese, British, and many more European countries that were in on the slave trade. These fortress was called factories, know for imprisoning free people. One such fortress was build on the gold coast, called Cape Coast Castle, also know as gate of no return. Once African's entered this Castle they were never seen again. Europeans lie, cheat, steal, and kill, anything to build the new world: American.                                 (Put pointer on pictures)                    (Please click  underline Links below)     

Cape coast Castle Gate of no return 1.  Map of Africa's Gold Coast  -          2. The Slave Trade              

 3.  The Middle Passage  -         4. Voyage To America                        

 5. Welcome to America -              6.  First Educated African

  7. Life in America -                        8.  Slave Quarters

 9. The Breeding of Slaves  -           10.  Harriet Tubman                  

 11. Nat Turner -   famous Black Prophet . 

 12. President Barack Obama -& Pharaoh Menes; first ruler of Africa.