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Nat Turner has a special place in history, he was a slave with benefits. Nat Turner born a slave in Virginia on October 2, 1800 Nat showed evidence of outstanding intellect at an early age.

Nat Turner Runaway slave  His master allowed him to learn to read, he would quote long passages from the Bible, and also was a expert repair man. His various masters -4 in all-were proud to own such a brilliant model slave. His reputation as being a slave minister was well know through out the country. Nat was know as "The Black Prophet" Nat reported having visions of blacks and whites struggling in heavens; and voices telling him he was too wise to be a slave. In 1823 Nat decided that these signs meant that he was to lead a black army of liberation against the slaveholders. On August 21, 1831 Nat started with 6 men, soon the number grew to about 60, Nat and his group of slaves moved from one house of whites to another, killing every one in sight. In 48 hours Nat and his men killed 56 whites. Nat was on the run for six weeks before he and 17 of his men were capture and hung. Nat Turner Slave Minister, Black Prophet. (please put pointer on picture)     (Click on Link)                                                   To President Barack Obama Link