Oliver Cromwell Patriot, Hero, Soldier (1753-1853)

In the year 1776  General George Washington declared that his white soldiers were not organize and undisciplined and would leave him at any critical moment. However there were many black soldiers in his command for whom this did not apply. One of them was Oliver Cromwell who was one of three black men in the same boat that cross the Delaware River with Washington on that cold windy night on December 25, 1776. The crossing was to capture the British garrison located at Trenton. Oliver Cromwell was in the thick of the battle and came out untouched while about 1,000 British soldiers were capture, and some American soldiers were killed. Oliver was also in the battle of Princeton and Brandywine in 1776, the battle of Monmouth in 1778, and the battle of Yorktown in 1781. These battles were among the most important of the entire war. Oliver Cromwell was born in Burlington County, New Jersey on May 24,1753. Died in 1853 at the Age of 100 years old. Oliver Cromwell Hero, American, Patriot and live to be the oldest veteran of the Revolutionary War.    (Menu Link)

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