Peter Salem Black Hero of Bunker Hill  (1750-1816)

Paul Revere and other Patriots like Peter Salem  galloped  through the Massachusetts countryside warning, "The British Are Coming!" Peter Salem was one of the Minutemen who answered the call. Born a slave in Framingham Massachusetts Peter was freed by his master so he could sign up with the Patriot army. Several months after he fought in the battle of Concord he was among the soldiers fighting at Bunker Hill. Salem a crack shot became a hero in this battle when he shot and killed British Major John Pitcairn. The  American officers had ordered the Patriots to retreat Salem refused, instead he loaded his musket again and again and repeated firing as fast as he could. It is reported that white soldiers proudly presented Salem to General George Washington as the man who killed British officer at Bunker Hill. The musket he used is displayed at the Bunker Hill Monument in  Boston Massachusetts. Peter Salem , Minuteman, Patriot ,hero at Bunker Hill .                    (put pointer on picture)                  (Menu Link)

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