Phillis Wheatley Great poet patriot ; loved her country (1753-1784)

Born in Senegambia Africa, Phillis was kidnapped and transported to Boston where she was put on the auction block at the slave market in Boston Massachusetts. Sold into slavery at the tender age of 8, in 1761 to John Wheatley who wanted to buy a female slave  companion for his wife.  Susanna Wheatley had alot of free time so she immediately began to educated the new slave girl. She named her Phillis, and became very fond of her. After seven years Phillis was reading classic romantic poems, such as Horace and Virgil. By 1773 Phillis had written enough poems to have her collection published in London under the title Poems on Various Subjects.  On both sides of the Atlantic, her poems won widespread admiration. The abolitionists pointed to her skills as proof that blacks should be free. Phillis proved that with Opportunity Blacks can do any thing as good or better than  whites can do. Phillis was the first African American Poet and  second Women ever to Publish a book . She also wrote  patriotic poems for General George Washington, who invited her to come visit him. Phillis Wheatley married a handsome black man named John Peters and bore several kids the last cause her death in childbirth in 1784 at the age  of 31. Phillis Wheatley Patriot, American Hero, Great Lady   ( Put Pointer on picture )     (Menu Link)Phillis Wheatley Poet  Home Page Link