Prince Whipple Body Guard, Patriot, Hero crossing Delaware with General George Washington and Troops.

When Prince was 10 years old , he lived in an African village called Amabou around the year 1760. Prince was from a wealthy family, his father sent Prince along with his cousin to America to be educated. The greedy captain of the ship on which the cousins sailed sold both boys into slavery near Baltimore, Maryland. William Whipple from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, bought young Prince. When the Revolutionary War began, William Whipple joined up as a captain and aide for General George Washington. He took with him his best slave as his body guard, his name was Prince Whipple. Many black soldiers fought in the 1776 battle of Trenton, New Jersey. It is believed that he was one of three black men to step ashore after crossing the Delaware River on that freezing Christmas nightWilliam Lee and Oliver Cromwell  were the others .They were all on the first boat with General George Washington  in 1776 as The Patriots marched through sleet and snow to surprise the British. At least 1000 British were taken prisoners. Prince Whipple, body guard, soldier, Patriot Hero for his country.                       
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Priince Whipple BodyGuard

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