Salem Poor Patriot, American Hero, Gallant Soldier

Salem Poor was born a slave in Massachusetts in 1747-1802. He purchase his own freedom in 1769. When the Revolutionary War began at Lexington and Concord, Salem joined the Patriot forces, and was a minuteman like Peter Salem, he also had a steady hand and was a dead shot. Salem Poor also killed a British officer in battle, Lieutenant Colonel James Abercrombie, at the siege at Charleston Massachusetts, in the battle of Bunker Hill. The Patriots held their positions at Bunker Hill until they ran out of ammunition. 14 white officer honored Salems heroism. They signed a petition and send it to the General Court in Massachusetts. It read "Salem Poor behaved like a experience officer, as well as an excellent soldier." In 1975, 200 years after the Battle of Bunker Hill, the United States Postal Service issued this postage stamp. In Remembrance of Salem Poor's bravery  and courage at The Battle of Bunker Hill. Poor remained in the army for years and fought in many battle, and lived thru the bitter winter battle at Valley Forge. Salem Poor Patriot, American Hero.            (put pointer on picture)                                            (Menu Link)      

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