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hero"The Historians were white, white historians have remembered white heroes and have recorded little or nothing of the thousands of black men and women who played an important part in the American Revolution. Yet at lease five thousand black men served  on the patriot side during the seven- year Revolution. Perhaps it is not strange that these black fighting men; and women were forgotten since earlier Continental Congress that adopted the Declaration of Independence struck out Thomas Jefferson's angry words that condemned the slave trade. When the white congress spoke of "all men" as free and equal, it did not include the black men.

      Crispus Attucks                      James Forten                       Austin Dabney

The names of some black war heroes who had been honored for their bravery were later removed from monuments and history books in the years after the war. Most black men who fought in the Revolutionary War left no records of their experiences because most of them were slaves and few of them could read or write. Under the laws of most states slaves could not be educated. Many slaves served in the war at many different capacities, It was a custom for American colonist officers to bring their slaves to war with them to act as Body Guards and aids. George Washington brought his body guard , slave to war with him. William Lee whose name is unknown to most Americans, was by George Washington side at almost every minute of the Revolutionary War. Many Body Guard, Slaves gave their life's for freedom. Many  masters  who didn't want to fight for freedom send their slaves in their place and would receive their pay for their service. Slaves going to British camps serving as spy's risking their lives. Black Women following behind the troops serving as nurses, and cooks. It goes on and on.

  Prince Whipple                Peter Salem                         Edward Hector                        Phillis Wheatley                          Salem Poor              

 A strange thing happen in 1775, army officers prevented black soldiers from enlisting. Washington was told to exclude the black man. African Americans could not understand this. Why should they be turned away? Hadn't they fought bravely all through 1775? White slave owners were complaining to the government. They did not want their slaves to become free by joining the army to fight for freedom for America. They said the government should respect their rights to their property" The government agreed.

 James Armistead                             Oliver Cromwell                         William Lee                                  First Map of America

By December 1776, Washington and other generals had to change their policy. There were too few men  to make a strong fighting force. To make matters worse, the British were enlisting slaves and free black men. The British promised freedom to any black man who join them. The American army could not afford to grow weaker while the British became stronger, while thousands of white Americans refuse to enlist at all, others ran away from the army camps at the end of their short terms regardless of the countries danger.

Washington had no choice if he wanted to save America. The American army could not survive without the African American Soldier, Washington and his generals changed policy, to save the country. Without Africa American Patriots would American still be American today, or would we be British? Let us all remember and honor our ancestors, those ancestors that died so we all could be free. These are their stories, let us all never forget them and thank them for their service.                              ( Click Link to Menu )    {HomePageLink}                                                                                                                               

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