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This is how they lived, this is a typical one bed room slave cabin, build of logs. The floors were made of dirt. The windows were 

Slave Quartersmerely holes in the walls with no glass, with swinging doors, and shutters that were close during the winter. Anywhere between 2 to 20 slaves might live here. The food they ate, was the master's scraps, what the master didn't want ,they gave to slaves. House slaves had it better, they got to live in main house, (usually masters half kids) ate good food and lived a much better life. Back ground picture shows a slave who ran away, his punishment was they beat him with a bull whip. (Please put pointer on picture) This second picture shows 3 black men in chains, in America.  They were free men than kidnaped by white men and sold into slavery.                    (Please click underline link)          The Breeding of Slaves Link