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Europeans needed slaves to build America, (why, were they to lazy to build America ) they went to Africa to get slave anyway they could. They used every trick in the book. Europeans would lie to the Chiefs of each tribe to cause conflict and anger. Made deals with the Chiefs, they would give one tribe guns to go to war, and take the losing tribe as slaves to America.                                                                                                                                                                    Home Page Link
King Alvaro of the CongoTo my left this is King Alvaro of the Congo, Danish traders kneeling to the King as they plot to find out where the gold is. Picture down below Europeans would give one tribe guns to fight the other tribe and make deals to take losing tribe as slaves to American. Africans had never experienced violence like this before Europeans came to Africa. Africans had never seen a gun before Europeans came.    (Please put pointer on Pictures)  Africans treking hundreds of miles to the slave market.  Africans at slave market in South African waiting for ships to pick them up. After Africans were kidnapped and stored in these forts, next was long voyage to America, 6 to 8 week journey.         (Please Click Underline Link)        The Middle passage Link.

African Warfare