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The Middle Passage was a 3 leg voyage for the slave trade, first leg Europe to Africa, second leg Africa to America, third leg America to Europe. During this (death) voyage at lease half the Africa's died on each voyage, all African's are chained up, no bath room, no toilet, no showers, no beds.  African's are force to sleep in their human waste. Nothing down below except the African's and the rat's. African's are dying right and left from diseases, if African's give European's trouble they throw them over board to the sharks. Men, women, children, it makes no difference. In picture below African's being lowered down below, to the bottom of the ship. No heat, no blankets, no lights, nothing down there except the African's and the rat's.                           Home Page Link

African's being lowered down below  (Please put pointer on picture) African's get loose on voyage to America,  (IT's ON)                 (Please click  Link                                                   Welcome To America Link