William Lee Bodyguard, Slave, Hero-Lee with Washington on farm at Mount Vernon Virginia

William Lee whose name is unknown to most Americans was by George Washingtons side at almost every minute of the Revolution War, sharing danger, victories, and defeat. William was perhaps the generals closest companion and friend before and after the war. Washington purchase William Lee in 1768 at a slave market in Virginia, Lee was 18 years old. There were four slaves for sale 2 dark skin, 2 light skin (mix). Like many slave owners, Washington believed that white blood not only lighten the skin but also enlightened the mind. All Washington house slaves were light skin, and all his field slaves dark skin. Washington later gave William his freedom and left money to care for him in his old age. Because of Lee's friendship with Washington, William Lee was the first Body Guard, Aid, Slave, to live in The White House.           (Put pointer on picture              (Menu Link)

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