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From Slaveships to the White House, is the history of a great nation of people: from the beginning. Where did the black man come from? How did the Black Man meet the White Man? How did the Black Man get to American, and why? All these questions and more will be answered . Our history; the truth. What really  happen , where did we really come from?
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Moors rich kingdom of AfricanKing of AfricaQueen NzinghaShaka and his warriors

The Moor's rich kingdom  - King Dahomey & women; Gezo -   Warrior Queen Nzingha  -   Warrior King Shaka Zulu.

 Mother Africa: is where the history of man began, thousands of years ago. The first man to walk on the face of the earth was an African. The first known  King was an Egyptian Pharaoh named Menes; who structured the Egyptian Dynasties. Pharaoh Menes ruled Egypt from 3100 B.C - 3038 B.C. (B.C. means Before- Christ) to follow are other great Pharaohs,  African Kings and Queens that ruled Mother Africa for thousands of years.             
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  1. Pharaoh Menes ruled  Egypt  3100 B.C. -3038 B.C.
  2. Pharaoh Hatshepsut (First Women Pharaoh ) ruled Egypt 1478 B.C. -1457 B.C.
  3. Pharaoh Akhenaton  and Queen Nefertiti; Ruled Egypt 1379 B.C.-1362 B.C.
  4. Pharaoh Tutankhamon (King Tut) the boy King; ruled Egypt 1361 B.C. -1351 B.C.
  5. Legendary Queen of Sheba; Makeda ruled the Kingdom of Ethiopia 960 B.C.-930 B.C.
  6. King Piankhi ( a Kushite ) ruled Ethiopia 753 B.C.-713 B.C.
  7. King Mansa Musa I ; ruled the Mandingo empire of Mali 1312 -1337.
  8. King Sunni Ali Ber (Warrior King) ruled the Songhay empire 1464 -1492.
  9. Queen Nzingha ( Warrior Queen) ruled Ndongo empire (Angola) 1623 -1663.
  10. Famous Zulu Warrior King Shaka; ruled the Zululand empire1813-1829.
  11. The Great Emperor of  Ethiopia;  Menelik II ruled 1889-1913.
  12. The Ultimate African (King) President Barack Obama; led America from 2008-to present.